The 2019 Endeavor-Harvard Experience: our Entrepreneurs’ Takeaways

Four of Endeavor Bulgaria’s Entrepreneurs just came back from Harvard’s Business School, where they attended a weeklong Scaling Entrepreneurial Ventures program specifically designed for Endeavor Entrepreneurs. The participants attended HBS faculty-led classes on the topics of strategy, sales, marketing, leadership, and finance to turbocharge their individual journey as effective leaders. We talked to Aleksandar Dimitrov (Novalogy), Branislav Nikolic (Novalogy), Raycho Raychev (Endurosat) and Alex Rangelov (IPS) on their experience.

What motivated you to enroll in the Harvard program?

Alex (IPS): Endeavor’s customized program at Harvard is a one-time opportunity that cannot be missed. To attend a course in Harvard is a privilege for every Entrepreneur as you get access to a great educational power and experience.
Brana (Novalogy): For me personally attending the Endeavor-Harvard program was a great opportunity to further develop my business knowledge, learn from top tier professors and deep dive into world-known Harvard Business School case studies.
Raycho (EnduroSat): Last year I participated in the other Endeavor Executive program in Stanford, focusing on growth and innovation. This year, I felt that I need to reflect on my company’s strategy and execution, so I decided to attend the Harvard program.
Alex (Novalogy): I decided to take part in the program with the goal of bringing our business to the next level by learning and then implementing the best business practices for scaling up an entrepreneurial venture.

The type of entrepreneur who would benefit most from such a program:

Alex (Novalogy): The focus of the program was on scaling so the type of entrepreneur that should attend is someone having global ambitions and his business is currently at an inflection point.
Alex (IPS): It’s suitable for every entrepreneur who wants to become more successful, enrich his/her management skills and achieve personal and professional development.
Raycho (EnduroSat): A decision maker in a scale-up company would benefit most.

The key takeaway I want to implement:

Brana (Novalogy): I’d consider restructuring some of our business operations in order to focus heavily on growth and scaling.
Alex (IPS): I would definitely like to refine the business model in IPS, concentrate on more specific topics that will support the growth of the company in the best way and minimize any kind of distraction along the way to reaching our goals.
Raycho (EnduroSat): I’d like to improve cross-team communication, implement a few new ideas in management and the company structure.

Being surrounded by Endeavor Entrepreneurs….

Raycho (EnduroSat): … was by far the most valuable aspect of the program.
Alex (IPS): … is something similar to swimming in an open water full of knowledge, experience, expertise, advice, support and motivation. It creates and opens new horizons.
Alex (Novalogy): …was truly exceptional! The level of energy, inspiration and excitement in the classroom was unbeatable and it was an honor to learn from one another and help each other.
Brana (Novalogy): … was a remarkable experience being surrounded by so many different successful entrepreneurs from every corner of the world, who are changing the world for the better.

The four founders were part of a group consisting of 50 Endeavor Entrepreneurs from around the world. The Harvard program takes place in the larger context of Endeavor’s Executive Education programs that take place every year. Together with the faculty at INSEAD, Harvard and Stanford Universities, Endeavor crafts tailored curricula for the week-long educational sessions at these top institutions. The programs allow participants to attend classes customized to their business challenges and learn from world-class professors while connecting with the network’s entrepreneurs.