Presenting Dare to Scale 2022 Cohort – The Recursive

19 founders from 11 companies are joining this year’s edition of Dare to Scale. Today we are presenting The Recursive, an independent media platform for news coverage in Southeast Europe. They focus on sector innovation, entrepreneurship, and trends in regional ecosystems, providing international visibility.

What problem does your business solve (how did you start, what was the initial motivation)?

We believe that storytelling, sharing of good examples, and active communication are essential to make Bulgaria and Southeast Europe a destination for innovation. 

At The Recursive, we solve problems on three levels:

– Entrepreneurial ecosystem: we help the community as a whole to gain the missing international visibility.

– Readership: We enable investors, entrepreneurs, and people working in the IT sector to get quality information about the industry.

– Clients: Through our marketing agency, we help technology-driven companies reach their target audiences – talent, investors, partners – more effectively.

Share with us the thing you are most proud of (what is the company’s most significant success up to date).

We are proud of the fact that more and more people are telling us that our efforts are having a positive impact and real added value – whether for their companies or the region. 

In 18 months, we’ve managed to build an incredible team across 3 countries and attract over 400, 000 unique readers, 70+ customers and EUR 450,000 in funding from some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the ecosystem.

What are your expectations from Endeavor, with your participation in the program (briefly share what would be helpful and what would you like to achieve with your participation)?

With the help of the successful entrepreneurs and mentors in the Endeavor network, we would like to explore what are the best opportunities for meaningful growth in the long term. The more successful we are as a business, the more we can give back to the community.