Meet the 2023 Dare to Scale Cohort – Cohones

24 founders from 12 companies are joining this year’s edition of Dare to Scale.

Meet Cohones Grandes, a leading Bulgarian brewery known for promoting craft beer culture and supporting local brewers.

Let’s rewind the clock to the beginning. How did your company come to life? Was it a eureka moment, a late-night brainstorming session, or a happy accident?

Over the past few years, homebrewing has been Mihail’s cherished hobby. It grants an avenue for exceptional creativity and the freedom to experiment, collaborating with fellow enthusiasts, and, not to mention, transforming it into a thriving business. Considering that Bulgaria’s craft beer sector remains relatively modest when compared to neighboring markets like Romania, Greece, and Serbia, we were inspired by the notion that there lies untapped potential for growth in this domain. We aspire to spearhead this development and be at the forefront of the craft beer movement in the region. 

Tell us about the accomplishment that makes you do a happy dance or fist pump in the air. What is your proudest moment to date?

We started this business with tremendous enthusiasm, as it should be. Thanks to our partner, we have excellent communication support. However, we must admit that our first beers were not exactly what we ourselves would have ordered at a bar. This discrepancy worried us, and there were comments suggesting we were mere gimmick brewers. Nevertheless, everything changed in 2020 when we unveiled our first batch of Black to the Bones Imperial Milk Stout, and to our delight, it sold out a month before its market debut. That moment marked a turning point – realizing that what we were creating resonated with beer lovers. Since then, our belief in ourselves has grown, and the tangible results have exceeded our expectations. 

Dare to Scale is here to help with your entrepreneurial journey, but we’re curious about your wildest dreams and aspirations! Do you envision scaling your company to new galaxies, conquering untapped markets, or revolutionizing your industry? Share your boldest dreams and let your imagination soar!

Although we are not a technology-focused business, our dreams are undeniably audacious. I suppose every craft beer enthusiast has heard of and admired BrewDog – the British brewery that completely revolutionized this industry. Today, their beers can be found in almost every country worldwide. We believe that such success can also be achieved by a small country like Bulgaria, which may not have a beer heritage but certainly gives birth to ambitious individuals with wild dreams.