Meet the 2023 Dare to Scale Cohort – Barin Sports

24 founders from 12 companies are joining this year’s edition of Dare to Scale.

Meet Barin Sports an integrated real-time decision-making tool for professional athletes. They focus on providing the most advanced AI-based results tracking system in professional sports.

Let’s rewind the clock to the beginning. How did your company come to life? Was it a eureka moment, a late-night brainstorming session, or a happy accident?

It all started with one of Vladimir’s, our CEO, karate training sessions. Vladimir’s sensei, who is half his size, was able to move the punching bag twice as much as Vladimir could. Naturally, questions arose and Vladimir decided to find out the answers. Using 17 sensors placed on the body, he was able to create a digital 3D mapping of the body’s motion to find the best combination of movements that would give him maximum result. And because he has been playing sports all his life, he decided to apply this to other sports and pitched it to football coaches. The clubs, however, had a bigger need to find out the physical condition, workload and positioning of the players on the pitch. So, to meet this demand, Vladimir pivoted and together with our CTO, Ivan, created the first generation of the Barin Sports Pro system – an all-in-one solution where you can track condition, workload and tactics in real time to put together the most complete player performance picture, which gives teams insights as the match is unfolding. 

Tell us about the accomplishment that makes you do a happy dance or fist pump in the air. What is your proudest moment to date?

From a technological standpoint, what we are most proud of is our ability to transmit LIVE every single data packet we collect and what is more we are able to give not just raw parameters but insights in real time. This helps coaches know that a player is about to get injured before it actually happens, which saves players’ careers and the clubs - millions. From a business standpoint there are two main things. The first one is that we have not lost a single client since the company started. The second one is getting a football legend like Michael Owen to believe in the potential of our technology and the strength of our team, and decide to become part of the Barin family.

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Sport is only the beginning for us. The capabilities of our technology goes well beyond this. Sport is merely the testing ground and our goal is to reach the entire population. We envision a moment where our sensors are woven into smart textiles and from there into clothes available for everyone. This will help people monitor their condition with better accuracy, have personalized training regiments, avoid injuries, manage their fatigue, detect early potential health problems, and ultimately save lives.