Meet the 2023 Dare to Scale Cohort – Alpha VPS

24 founders from 12 companies are joining this year’s edition of Dare to Scale.

Meet Alpha VPS a leading company in the IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) sector, specializing in server and cloud infrastructure solutions tailored to the needs of individual users and corporate clients.

Let’s rewind the clock to the beginning. How did your company come to life? Was it a eureka moment, a late-night brainstorming session, or a happy accident?

The idea for AlphaVPS came during a challenging project that led to a moment of frustration. The existing server and cloud solutions seemed inflexible and costly, and it was clear that there had to be a better way. This sparked an idea late into the night, an idea of a different type of platform and services. One that was not just user-friendly and affordable, but also highly adaptable to individual needs.

At first, my vision was focused solely on serving the Bulgarian market, with an emphasis on cloud services. But guided by my deep experience in the IaaS industry, I realized there was potential for more. We could expand beyond Bulgaria, reaching global clients and even venture into the world of bare metal cloud solutions.

So, AlphaVPS was far from a happy accident. It was born from a real need, fueled by relentless effort and a constant belief in the vision. It started as a solution for the local market, but rapidly grew into a global mission. AlphaVPS isn’t just a company – it’s a promise to reshape the IaaS experience for all.

Tell us about the accomplishment that makes you do a happy dance or fist pump in the air. What is your proudest moment to date?

It’s interesting, in the world of business, many people often anticipate these sweeping moments of victory. But at AlphaVPS, it’s really about the day-to-day wins that get me doing a little victory dance. Like when we collaborate closely with a new client transitioning from a big-name cloud provider like Amazon, Google, or Microsoft. Seeing them migrate to our infrastructure smoothly, and then realize significant cost savings, while doubling the performance, truly lights up my day.

There’s also a sense of joy in every service enhancement we make, whether it’s a hardware upgrade or a fresh feature launch. Each of these steps, while part of our regular operations, represents progress in our mission to offer superior server and cloud infrastructure solutions. And the positive reviews from our customers – they are the icing on the cake! It’s incredibly rewarding to see our hard work resonate with their satisfaction. So, in the grand scheme of things, it’s these consistent, smaller victories that make me the proudest and keep the AlphaVPS team energized and driven.

Dare to Scale is here to help with your entrepreneurial journey, but we’re curious about your wildest dreams and aspirations! Do you envision scaling your company to new galaxies, conquering untapped markets, or revolutionizing your industry? Share your boldest dreams and let your imagination soar!

Absolutely! I envision AlphaVPS growing beyond the limits of traditional IaaS providers. We want to extend our reach, both physically and digitally, providing our services to individuals and businesses worldwide, regardless of their size or location. We aim to break down barriers in server and cloud infrastructure solutions, making them affordable and accessible for everyone – from small startups to large corporations in remote areas.

We also have our sights set on creating a meaningful impact in the IaaS industry. Our dream is to redefine what quality service means in our field. We want to develop a worldwide, interconnected network that can ensure secure and reliable services for all our clients, including those at higher risk. Our goal is to make Infrastructure-as-a-Service so streamlined and user-friendly that it sets a new benchmark in the industry. We’re excited about this journey with AlphaVPS, as we strive to bring about a positive transformation in the IaaS landscape.