Hristo Hristov Joins Endeavor Bulgaria’s Board of Directors

We are happy to announce that Hristo Hristov, one of Endeavor Bulgaria’s most sought-after mentors, is now part of the organization’s Board of Directors. Hristo joins our stellar Board of 12 prominent business leaders who continuously support the development of Bulgaria’s entrepreneurial scene. At the core of the organization, our Board of Directors is the engine that sets the organizations’ strategic direction and drives the office’s effectiveness in supporting an increasing number of Bulgarian businesses. Hristo’s commitment to Endeavor’s cause will help spread Endeavor Bulgaria’s reach ever further.

Hristo started his engagement with Endeavor in 2016 as a mentor, shortly after which he also became an investor in Endeavor’s Catalyst fund. During his 4-year (and counting!) journey as a mentor, Hristo has helped Endeavor both on local and global level by interviewing entrepreneurs who want to join the network. He has interviewed a wide representation of candidates among which digital and telehealth platforms, space companies, audio equipment manufacturers, bicycle helmet producers, interior designers and footwear companies. His no-nonsense style combined with a sense of humor always brings great energy into Endeavor’s interviews process. Overall, Hristo has individually met with and provided advice to more than 40 companies. Thanks to his dedication to supporting entrepreneurs, Hristo won Endeavor Bulgaria’s Mentor of the Year Award both in 2017 and 2018.

The entire team of Endeavor Bulgaria welcomes Hristo into the Board of Directors. We will continue to rely on him as a mentor, and in fact are expecting him to interview yet another candidate next week. Thank you for the support, Hristo!