Frequently Asked Questions


# What is Endeavor?

Endeavor is a leading non-profit organization operating in more than 34 countries around the world. Endeavor chooses and supports entrepreneurs with big ideas who can grow to become role models and whose businesses would become key drivers for long-term economic growth, job creation and innovation. These entrepreneurs have the potential to change their countries and the world. In 2018, Endeavor entrepreneurs generated revenues of $20 billion and created 3M jobs.

# What Endeavor is and what is it not?

Endeavor is:

– Catalyst for change
– Non-profit organization
– Global network
– Organization that promotes entrepreneurial culture

Endeavor is not:

– Incubator
– Accelerator
– Venture capital firm or a private equity firm
– Consultant
– Bank or a financing institution


# How does Endeavor help entrepreneurs?

Endeavor helps entrepreneurs with access to talent, capital and markets. Please see some of the success stories here.

# What are the requirements for applying at Endeavor ?

Endeavor Entrepreneurs:

– Can size presented opportunities
– Create value and are leaders
– Are flexible and adapt to change
– Are committed to the growth of their communities
– Are willing to share their experience
– Are role models to the next generation of entrepreneurs

Endeavor selects and supports scale-up companies that are at an inflection point for growth. In general, Endeavor is focused on companies that are already successful in what they do but need help and expertise to achieve a hockey stick growth. Companies that are not yet at this stage are eligible for the preparatory Candidate Entrepreneur Program that targets high-potential startups.

# What is Endeavor's Dare to Scale growth program?

Endeavor’s Dare to Scale is a growth program for Bulgaria’s most-promising early-stage companies.

The Growth Program’s first class took place in 2019, between September – October and consisted of 10 companies across 4 verticals. The 4-month intense program was led by been-there-done-that leaders and featured workshops, 1-on-1 mentorship sessions, and networking events.

Find out more here.

# Are there specific industries Endeavor targets when choosing companies for its portfolio ?

Endeavor is industry agnostic and selects and supports companies from all industries.

# What is the process of becoming an Endeavor Entrepreneur ?

There is a rigorous multi-step process in selecting Endeavor Entrepreneurs. For more information, please see click here.

# How long does the process take ?

It could take from a 3 to 18 months depending on the company’s initial stage, company-specific issues and the feedback from the Endeavor network.

# What does Endeavor expect from its entrepreneurs ?

Endeavor expects its entrepreneurs to scale successfully, by leveraging Endeavor’s support, and give back to the entrepreneurial ecosystem by mentoring, investing or participating in public events.

# How is Endeavor different from start-up accelerators and VC firms ?

To become part of Endeavor, entrepreneurs do not need to give out equity in their companies. Endeavor is not an investor and it doesn’t take on leadership positions in the company. We believe that our entrepreneurs are very capable of taking their businesses to the next level, but they need some support in terms of resources such as access to markets, capital and talent.

# Do entrepreneurs have financial commitments to Endeavor ?

Entrepreneurs do not have a financial commitment to Endeavor until after they become Endeavor Entrepreneurs (after they successfully pass the International Selection Panel, see Process for more details).

Endeavor is an organization by and for entrepreneurs. To support ongoing operations, Endeavor has established a formal Give-Back program that asks Endeavor Entrepreneurs to support the next generation of entrepreneurs.

# What is a “high-impact” entrepreneur?

High-impact entrepreneurs are individuals who:

1) Start a company, scale it, become very successful (i.e. reach hundreds of millions in revenue; have a relevant exit; employ thousands of people);

2) Multiply that success gained in the local community by mentoring and investing in other entrepreneurs to help build an entrepreneurial ecosystem, a key driver of long-term economic growth.

Mentors & Partners

# How can my organization become a partner of Endeavor ?

Endeavor is open to collaborating and partnering with various organizations and initiatives for the fair development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

If you wish to partner with Endeavor, please write us at

# I know a good mentor. Can I refer them to Endeavor ?

Yes, please! If you wish to refer a mentor, please complete the mentor information form.

# How can I support Endeavor ?

There are many different ways to support high-impact entrepreneurship, e.g. financial patronage, mentoring, events, etc. Please let us know what your ideas are at: