Zornitsa Chugreeva


Role: CEO, CFO

Industry: FMCG

Membership status: Alumni

Vladimir Davchev and Zornitsa Chugreeva are the founders of HelloHungy – a leading food delivery company in Bulgaria and Romania. Vladi graduated with a BA in finance from Bryant University and MBA from Boston College before returning to Bulgaria in 2003. Zori holds a Master’s in Accounting and auditing from the D.A. Tsenov Academy of Economics in Sofia and prior to HelloHungry held the CFO position at a leading national telecommunications provider.

Vladi built BGmenu as a platform for consumers to order from restaurants and in 2007 and recruited Zori to leverage her financial acumen. The duo soon envisioned a fully integrated BGmenu delivery experience that both generated and executed orders, and in 2014, they launched their idea, re-branded as HelloHungry.

HelloHungry is the only fully integrated food delivery player in Bulgaria and Romania, bringing lead generation, fleet management, and delivery under one roof. The company supports 1,500+ restaurants on its platform and with its own fleet ensures superior customer service and efficient delivery time.