Tina D’Agostin


Tina D’Agostin

Alcatraz AI

Role: CEO

Industry: Security

Tina D’Agostin, has had a 20-year career in building technology and security, including at smaller startups acquired by larger systems integrators, and as P&L and Sales Team Leaders. She was most recently at Johnson Controls as GM of building technology & solutions in Northern California, a region with $300M+ in annual sales, 50K+ clients, and over 700 employees. In 2021, Tina took on the role of the new CEO of Alcatraz, given her extensive experience in the security industry. 

Alcatraz AI transforms access control by leveraging artificial intelligence and analytics to make powerful decisions at the edge, where your face becomes your credential. Its state-of-the-art product, the Rock, is designed to be easy to deploy on any access control system, providing an enterprise-grade security solution to protect businesses, people, and assets.