Denitsa Bumbarova


Role: Creative director

Industry: Retail

Membership status: Active member

Denitsa is a Co-founder and Creative Director of fashion brand BY FAR.

Denitsa earned her B.A. in History of Art from New Bulgarian University in Sofia. In 2015, Denitsa’s passion for art, fashion, and shoes inspired her to pitch the idea of creating a fashion accessories label to her friends Sabina and Valentina. As the idea became reality, the brand’s name “BY FAR” was quickly put together, as it represents the first names of the Co-founders’ sons: Filip, Alek, and Roman. BY FAR presented its first collection in June 2016 and quickly gained traction in the “no-label” label segment.

BY FAR designs and produces premium leather shoes and bags that have a strong functional and emotional appeal to millennial women. While positioned in the affordable luxury segment, the brand is perceived as approachable and quickly achieved a very wide appeal (80k+ Instagram followers). Just a year after BY FAR’s launch, fashion trendsetters such as Aimee Song, media influencers as VOGUE and Glamour, and celebrities like singer Lorde and actress Kate Bosworth all endorse the brand.