Alexander Lefterov

Tiger Technology

Role: CTO

Industry: Technology

Membership status: Active member

Alex Lefterov is a serial entrepreneur who attained his Masters in Computer Science from Sofia University in 1994.

After graduating, he wasted no time before co-founding a software development company, Atia. The company’s first product, a project collaboration software, was acquired in 2000 by Autodesk, a multinational software corporation publicly listed on the NASDAQ. Alex and his partners were briefly part of Autodesk’s engineering team before shifting their focus to building software solutions in the Media & Entertainment industry, seeing that their expertise could alleviate pains unique to clients with heavy volumes of rich media. From there, Alex (as CTO) and his team started Intelligent Gadgets, a California-based startup, developing a remote collaboration software. The product and most of the team were acquired in 2007 by CallWave, a US-listed company that later turned private as Fuzebox.

Tiger Technology provides high-performance, secure data management solutions for companies in the Media & Entertainment, Surveillance and Enterprise IT sectors. The company’s legacy product line, including flexible software and hardware modules, has attracted over 3500 clients among which NASA, Sony, Disney and other high-profile names. Meanwhile, its new cloud storage gateway software, Tiger Bridge, is among the first movers in a $3.5B Cloud Storage Gateway Market. Essentially a middle-layer software, Tiger Bridge allows any locally stored application to work with files from the cloud