Dare to Scale: Sofia Convenes Top Entrepreneurs, Local Leaders and Industry Experts

On December 5, Endeavor Bulgaria held the third edition of Dare to Scale series in Sofia! The event is held following the organization’s mission to select, support entrepreneurs, and help them scale their high-impact business. Dare to Scale: Sofia gathered Endeavor Entrepreneurs, Board members, mentors, staff, partners and friends.

Kicking off the program, members of the Board, discussed what has changed in the business environment over the past year and how to expand a business into new markets. The panel discussion was led by Lyubomir Minchev (Founder of Telelink and Chairman of the Board of Endeavor Bulgaria), Kalin Radev (CEO of Software Group), Nedelcho Spasov (Founder of Easy Asset Management), Christo Iliev (Chairman of the Board of AG Capital), and Stefan Gugushev, (Founder of Gugushev & Partners).

In the second part, Endeavor Entrepreneur Vladimir Davchev (Co-founder of BGmenu, acquired by presented his business story and the challenges he met along the way to success.

After the panel discussions, the guests were able to meet with the speakers, mingle with high-impact entrepreneurs, and talk peer-to-peer.
View photos from the event here and if you didn’t get a chance to participate at the event watch the videos from the panel discussions here.