About Endeavor

We select Endeavor Entrepreneurs, identifying founders with the greatest growth potential, and inviting them to participate in our proprietary international selection process.

We support Endeavor Entrepreneurs with our expansive global network, unrivaled peer-to-peer community, and demand-driven services.

We elevate Endeavor Entrepreneurs as aspirational role models and provide avenues for them to mentor and inspire others to reimagine what is possible.

We invest in Endeavor Entrepreneurs through our rules-based fund, Endeavor Catalyst.

We advance the conversation around global entrepreneurship and innovation by producing original content with Endeavor’s unique insights and data set.

Endeavor Global

Established in 1997 , Endeavor is a global non-profit organization headquartered in New York that supports high-impact entrepreneurs around the world by providing them with access to international markets, educational programs and capital.


Endeavor Bulgaria

Endeavor Bulgaria was founded in 2015 by prominent local entrepreneurs with the vision to achieve high impact on the local economy.

Since its launch, Endeavor Bulgaria has selected 33 Entrepreneurs from 20 companies in total and is actively servicing 13 Entrepreneurs from 9 companies of them.

Up to date, the local office of the organization has screened 200+ companies and enlisted the support of 30+ local mentors with rich expertise.



Endeavor’s model works in five parts to Launch, Select, Scaleup, Multiply,
and Reinvest the high-impact entrepreneurship movement worldwide.

Endeavor views its selection process as a service, where transformational conversations with preeminent business leaders push candidates to reflect and answer tough questions about their companies.

Our selection process begins in each local market and culminates in our world-renowned International Selection Panels (ISPs) — dynamic, invitation-only events held throughout the year in different cities around the world.

To qualify for an ISP, entrepreneurs must demonstrate that their company has reached a clear inflection point and shows real potential for regional, or global, scale and influence. Historically, fewer than 5% of candidates who enter the initial selection process move onto an ISP.

At each ISP, only those final candidates gaining unanimous approval from expert panelists become Endeavor Entrepreneurs. The Endeavor seal of approval carries significant weight with investors, partners, and other industry leaders.

Endeavor delivers demand-driven services locally, regionally, and globally; we customize these to turbocharge our entrepreneurs’ growth. These include the Endeavor Investor Network and Endeavor Catalyst.

Endeavor Advisory Boards provide expert mentorship to founders on strategy and execution.

Endeavor Executive Education offers Endeavor Entrepreneurs and their senior managers uniquely designed programs focused on leadership, innovation, and techniques for scaling companies at the world’s top business schools, including Harvard, Stanford, and Insead.

Endeavor Investor Network facilitates access to capital for our entrepreneurs through road show preparation, “speed dating” sessions, and curated introductions to best-in-class investors.

Endeavor Market Access opens doors to new commercial opportunities and global expansion through network connections, deep-dive country visits, and specialized industry tours.

Endeavor OPEN is the tech platform that brings the entire Endeavor network — the people, the resources, the events — to members’ fingertips.

Endeavor Outliers is an intimate, peer-to-peer program organized for an annually selected class of Endeavor Entrepreneurs leading the fastest growing companies in our active portfolio, along with alumni of the most successfully exited Endeavor companies.

Endeavor Verticals unite the global portfolio of Endeavor Entrepreneurs under sector-specific
communities, and connect them with a curated network of peers, investors, and mentors.

Endeavor Catalyst, our rules-based fund, co-invests in Endeavor Entrepreneurs raising rounds of minimum US$5M in equity capital led by qualified institutional investors. Our fund invests up to 10% of each qualifying round, currently capped at $2M per company. As of June 2019, Endeavor Catalyst has co-invested in over 115 companies across 25 markets with six full exits and four “unicorns” in its active portfolio.

We achieve broader ecosystem impact by sharing the aspirational stories, innovation strategies, and disruptive techniques of Endeavor Entrepreneurs.

Endeavor Experiences bring the successes and challenges of Endeavor Entrepreneurs to a larger stage, where country leaders and policy makers learn what it takes to retain the best home-grown talent and how to prepare their economies for technological advancement.

Endeavor Insight is the research arm of Endeavor that provides data-driven and visual research into what makes entrepreneurial ecosystems thrive.

Endeavor Events disseminate lessons, best practices, and Day One stories of top entrepreneurs to a broader community of founders aiming to accelerate their own business and workers hoping to retool their skills for the jobs of the future. Learn more about Endeavor Insight here.

Endeavor Entrepreneurs use our platform to give back and ensure that future generations have access to opportunities for self-fulfillment and community advancement.

Endeavor Founder-to-Funder programs educate Endeavor Entrepreneurs on how to become angel investors and venture capitalists themselves, further propelling entrepreneur-led growth.

Endeavor Pay-it-forward platforms allow our entrepreneurs to become Endeavor board members, panelists, investors in Endeavor Catalyst, and philanthropists in their home markets.

Endeavor Catalyst ​pioneered the 50/50 profit-sharing fund model that is now being replicated by other mission-driven institutions. Through our fund, investors gain access to a world-class, diversified pipeline of companies while also participating in meaningful profit-sharing with Endeavor. Returns from Endeavor Catalyst, combined with other market-driven revenue, will enable Endeavor to become a financially self-sustaining organization by 2030.

Endeavor is leading the global movement to select, mentor, and accelerate the best entrepreneurs around the world