Endeavor Bulgaria Initiative – educational support to the children from Ukraine 

The war in Ukraine led each one of us devastated, ramped up uncertainty, and left us speechless. The Government of Bulgaria has taken its first steps to welcome Ukrainians fleeing the warzone. The response from civil society- self-organised volunteers, local businesses, and some local authorities, has been overwhelming. Endeavor Bulgaria, in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Science and Municipal Children’s Complex Varna, initiated and will finance a project that will provide educational support to the children from Ukraine who found refuge in Varna by engaging them in different extracurricular activities in the field of art and technology, led by experienced educators.

The program will span initially over 3.5 months and will include 200 kids. Project disbursements and monitoring will be provided by #BG4UA initiative ( and the BCause Foundation. We would like to express our gratitude to our Board Member, Dennis Smith who co-financed the initiative!

This project is looking also to promote a sustainable model of cooperation between the public and private sectors. The classes are already in progress and we hope that despite the psychosocial distress stemming from the conflict continuing to impact children, they will cope to achieve greater openness and confidence.

Check out the news here. The donations are made possible with the help of #BG4UA. Their initiatives will continue and can be supported through this link.