Catalyzing Conversations Vol.1 with Dobroslav Dimitrov

The first event of the series Catalyzing Conversations, meetings and discussions organized with a focus on Bulgarian high-impact entrepreneurs, took place on March 30th at Vivacom Art Hall. The events, organized by Endeavor Bulgaria and EY, offer a platform for exchange of experiences, contacts and ideas. Dobroslav Dimitrov, Co-founder at Imperia Online, was the first guest speaker and shared his experience with Imperia Online and the difference between analog and digital entrepreneurship. After his short presentation, he addressed questions in the audience related to the opportunities and challenges of growth in the digital world.

Dobroslav Dimitrov and Mony Dochev, Co-founders of Imperia Online are working with Endeavor Bulgaria and will be presenting their company at the International Selection Panel in Madrid in May 2016.

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