Mariya Krasteva

Censeo Consulting Group

Role : Associate
Industry : Banking & Finance
Functional Expertise : Sales & Marketing

Mariya is a business professional with robust experience in strategic sourcing, contract negotiations, vendor management, risk management and operational effectiveness. She has demonstrated expertise in market research, data analysis, requirements development and program execution. Mariya is a strong believer in long-term efficient business practices, corporate responsibility and sustainability.

Mariya Krasteva is currently an Associate at Censeo Consulting Group, a leading strategy and operations consulting firm in the US.  At Censeo, she has worked on organizational transformation, strategic sourcing and large IT contract negotiations for large government and private sector organizations.   Mariya joined Censeo after completing a Master’s in Public Administration from Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) and a Master’s in Business Administration from MIT Sloan.  At HKS, Mariya was the Teaching Assistant of the Public-Private Partnerships Study Group for 3 years, focusing on both researching and hands-on advising cross-sector multi-national partnerships.  Prior to working at Censeo, she spent four years as an Internal Auditor at JPMorgan Chase in NYC.

Outside of work, Mariya presides or serves on the boards of several nonprofit organizations aimed at community organizing, education, entrepreneurship and professional development.