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    25 Entrepreneurs from 11 Countries Join Endeavor Network at the 75th International Selection Panel in Sofia, Bulgaria

    SOFIA, BULGARIA  – October 25, 2017 – Endeavor selected 25 entrepreneurs leading 16 companies from 11 countries at the 75th International Selection Panel (ISP) held October 23-25, 2017, in Sofia, Bulgaria. Endeavor now supports 1,563 entrepreneurs leading 978 companies in 30 growth markets around the world. Panelists at the event included top business leaders and […]

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    Business leaders from 27+ countries joining the first big event of Endeavor Bulgaria

    Endeavor Bulgaria will host its first international conference – Dare to Scale on October 23 in Sofia Tech Park – focusing on how successfully to scale up YOUR business. What? · Dare to Scale will bring together 200+ growth entrepreneurs, investors & executives and will create a platform for CEE entrepreneurs to share challenges and […]

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    Endeavor Bulgaria will host the 75 ISP in Sofia in October

    This October, Endeavor will select the next class of Endeavor Entrepreneurs at the 75th International Selection Panel (ISP) in Sofia, Bulgaria. Endeavor’s ISP – a 3-day event of interviews, deliberations, and networking – is the culmination of a rigorous search and selection process and represents the heart and soul of the Endeavor experience. ISP’s take […]

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    Three Bulgarian entrepreneurs joined Endeavor after the 71st Endeavor International Selection Panel in London

    The 71st Endeavor International Selection Panel (ISP) took place on May 15-17, 2017 in Canary Wharf, London. The event drew entrepreneurs and panelists from the U.S., Latin America, MENA, Europe and Asia. Endeavor Bulgaria presented two companies, both of which were then unanimously selected to join the Endeavor network within the first round of voting. […]

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    Webit.Festival Europe 2017 пристига в София през април

    Webit.Festival Europe 2017 ще посрещне  в София Тех Парк повече от 5000 посетители от 90 държави и над 300 лектори 25 и 26 април. Сред тях ще присъстват Fortune 500 компании, топ брандове, политици, създатели на едни от най-иновативните бизнеси и най-интересните стартъпи не само в региона, а и в целия свят. Присъствието на Webit.Festival ще […]

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    Още двама талантливи български предприемачи от компанията Browswave влязоха в глобалната предприемаческа мрежа на Еndeavor

    Browswave на Симеон Луков и Николай Недев е петата българска компания в мрежата след Chaos Group, Biodit, SoftGroup и MClimate. Българските предприемачи в световната мрежа на Endeavor се увеличиха с още двама, след като Симеон Луков и Николай Недев, съоснователи на технологичната Browswave, бяха избрани по време на международния селекционен панел на организацията в края […]

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    Endeavor Bulgaria is hosting two world-class events in October 2017

    Endeavor Bulgaria is hosting 2 high-profile events over October 23-25, 2017, bringing together 250+ high-impact entrepreneurs, executives and investors from all over the world. These events present a great opportunity to demonstrate the vibrant and growing entrepreneurial spirit and favorable conditions for doing business in Bulgaria and the region. Moreover, Endeavor Bulgaria is keen to […]

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    Managing Director Momchil Vassilev presents Endeavor Bulgaria goals

    Endeavor Bulgaria, an organization that helps Bulgarian entrepreneurs scale successfully internationally, has a new Managing Director – Momchil Vassilev. Check out this article in Capital to learn more about Endeavor Bulgaria’s goals including spreading its impact beyond Sofia and creating significant impact for companies in diverse prom ising industries.  

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    Biodit’s access control solutions enter new markets

    Endeavor Bulgaria is proud to share the progress of Biodit Global Technology and its founder Julian Sofroniev, who joined the Endeavor network in 2016. Biodit is a biometrics company that applies unique fingerprint identification technology to access-control and anti-theft solutions. The company has signed new contracts with Belgian and UK distributors who will spread the […]

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    Chaos Group, the first Endeavor Bulgaria company wins an Oscar

    Vladimir Koylazov and Peter Mitev, the first Endeavor Bulgaria entrepreneur, achieved a great accomplishment! Their company Chaos Group received a Sci-tech Oscar awarded for the original concept, design and implementation of their flagship product V-Ray Chaos Group! Vladimir Koylazov, aka “Vlado,” will receive an Academy Plaque at the 2017 Academy Awards. The award, presented by the […]