Senior Business Developer (Co-CEO)

Cloud Faces - We are a young company (start-up) in the field of mobile app development. With a unique technology allowing us to develop mobile apps for SMBs at very small cost. The technology was developed in the last 3 years together with Technical University of Vienna and won a grant from the Austrian government. Our business model is monthly subscription. Currently SMBs have to pay thousands of Euros to software companies to develop an app for their business. Examples for such apps are ordering app for a restaurant, room booking app for a hotel, event app, and similar. With our unique technology SMBs can have their own app for a small monthly fee. We do not sell directly to the SMBs, we work together with reselling partners, who already have huge customer base. Such partners could be Yellow pages, Telecoms, Banks or, for example, a smaller marketing agency but specialized on a specific sector. Our current milestone is to onboard a dozen of strong partners and reach a growth of 1000 new customers a month. Only one Telekom we currently run pilot with have 250 sales people that personally meet thousands of SMBs each month, a few such partners will bring us to the next milestone.

Job Description :

We are looking for the business developer who will define and execute the strategy, together with the CEO. The position is similar to a co-CEO position, with corresponding compensation plan with huge potential for the future.

We are focused on the European market, so international experience is an advantage.

If you want to be part of the booming mobile market, want to aggressively execute a growth strategy, do not hesitate to travel, reach out and do whatever it takes to acquire and onboard new partners, then send us a few words about yourself and why you would be motivated and qualified to take over the position.

Location :
Sofia, Bulgaria

Application deadline :
September 28, 2017