Thank You to our Dare to Scale Interviewers

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Interviews for the Dare to Scale Growth Program are officially completed! It took only 7 working days to interview the founders of all 24 shortlisted companies. Huge THANK YOU goes to Endeavor’s mentors and the program’s partners from Postbank, ScaleFocus and BSMEPA in their commitment and diligence throughout the selection process. During the interviews, the entrepreneurs were meticulously challenged on their growth strategy, business model and leadership potential according to the program’s criteria.

Here is the full list of our very talented interviewers, who donated their time and expertise to meet with the candidates:

Milena Aladjova
Head of the European Funds and External Programs Department, Head of Coordination Department, Corporate Banking Division




Rumyana Ivanova
Head of Small Business Banking Division





Tsvetan Yanev
Sales Manager,SBB Division, Business Development Department





Viktor Bilyanski
Chief Technology Officer & Founder





Krasimir Kostadinov
Chief Digital Officer





Metodi Amov
Director Marketing





Boyko Takov
Bulgarian Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Agency
Executive Director





Georgi Georgiev
CEO & Co-Founder, Endeavor Entrepreneur





Angel Ivanov
Director Business Development & Co-Founder, Endeavor Entrepreneur





Georgi Staykov
Head of Digital, Endeavor Mentor





Alexander Lefterov
Tiger Technology
CEO & Founder, Endeavor Entrepreneur





Eva Vucheva
Kool & Konscious
Founder, Endeavor Mentor





Borislav Stefanov
Freelance Consultant, Endeavor Mentor






Ruslan Papazyan
Swedish-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce
Founding Board Member, Endeavor Mentor





Hristo Manov






Boriana Boncheva

Senior Design Thinking Coach, Endeavor Mentor





We are now reviewing all scores and will soon announce the 10 selected companies. Stay tuned!